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Custom Product

Seals / Gaskets / Envelope Gaskets
We offer a variety of PTFE seals and gaskets as per the user's specifications. PTFE seals are reliable, corrosion resistant, non - contaminating non-aging and can be used up to +250 C. Envelope Gaskets are named so as rubber or asbestos rings are sandwiched between PTFE flaps. These gaskets have the resilience of asbestos or rubber but have corrosion resistance of PTFE and are widely used in glass, glass-lined, carbon, porcelain or plastic equipment.



Bellows are used to compensate for thermal expansion, misalignment of the lineas well as to combat vibration and noise. PTFE bellows can be used at any temperatures from -250C to +250C and are excellent dampeners of noise and vibrations. They also have excellent flex-life and are non-ageing. We can, manufacture PTFE bellows as per clients specifications.

Specially Fabricated Components :

We offer a wide range of components specially fabricated to meet a client's specific requirements. Such components may be as simple as a spherical ball or sleeve for a plug valve or may be fairly complex like a ball valve consisting of six different parts or a steam sparger or dip-pipe consisting of as many as dozen parts - all made of PTFE.