Dust Cover :
This accessory is must for dust free screening. It is conical cover with an inlet hole in centre for feeding material and as inspection window to see the screening process on the mesh. Dust cover is clamped on the topmost deck with the help of 'V' grooved and 'C' clamp and can be removed easily if not required.
Ball Tray / Ring Tray :
This is useful to achieve non clog screening. A tray having rubber /PP balls or rubber / plastic rings is mounted underneath the fine mesh screen. The ball / ring get continuous vibrations from machine and hence they jump and hit the fine mesh from below. This makes particles trapped in the mesh holes to fall down and thereby keep mesh opening as clear as possible.
Feed Tray :
This is effective for multiple deck screening and grading application. The material which gets thru the mesh near the outer periphery of the screen gets very less retention time on the next mesh. Feed tray is a reverse conical tray mounted between two decks so as to collect the material falling from upper deck and feed this material in the center of the next screen to give the material maximum retention time.
Quick Opening Clamps :
This is useful for the applications where frequent opening is necessary due to requirement of cleaning and / or change of batch or color. It is advisable NOT to use this feature if it is not demanded by application.
Mesh Fixing Fixture :
A useful accessory incase where mesh is to be tied frequently due to high wear and tear from abrasive or heavy nature of material. It is still advisable to keep a spare screen ring if the mesh change over is to be done fast.
Feeder Hopper :
This device helps you to ensure continous and steady feed to the machine. Very useful where feed material is to be manually dumped from bags.
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