ETA Vibro Screens are designed on the principle of gyratory motion generated by double eccentric weight mounted on two ends of the shaft of vertically mounted specially designed vibratory motor. The screening assembly consisting of one or more set of Deck/screens is mounted on a set of annularly located springs, effectively isolating the base from vibrating assembly. The double weight moving with the shafts and located at relative angular position produces three dimensional vibrations which in turn cause the material falling on the screen mesh move at a specific speed in straight to spiral direction giving controlled and effective screening. Due to the adjustability of weight and the relative angle between them it is possible to make the material move on the screen in desired path to achieve the desired retention time for effective screening before the material gets discharged from the outlet spout. During this process the particles smaller than the mesh aperture fall through the mesh and the oversize material gets discharged from the outlet spout. This process is repeated on the next mesh in case of multi deck screening.



> Continuous Feed - Continuous Discharge

> Low Power Consumption (Max. 3 Hp)

> Reduced Environmental Hazards

> No Screen Choking / Clogging

> Savings On Manpower Cost

> Reduction In Material Loss

> Better Pollution Control

> Better Process Control

>Continuous Screening
- Better Product Quality

- Compact And Elegant

- Dust Free Screening

- Low Maintenance

- Easy Open ability

- Low Capital Cost

- Modular Design

- Flexible Layout

- High Productivity



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