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Carbon Cartridges

Carbon block cartridges are designed for high effective filtration of water for certain VOC’S, pesticides, chlorine, odor & test, sediment reduction down to 5 micron. These cartridges are designed for long service life filtration of water for chlorine, taste & odor, and sediment reduction down to 10 microns. Manufactured entirely from FDA complaint materials. These cartridges are suitable for portable water filtration, as well as many industrial, commercial & food service applications.

Its nominal filtration ratings, makes it excellent for polishing filters of pre filters in applications which required very fine filtration. These cartridges are also effective at filtering giardia & cryptosporidium cysts from portable drinking water.

Features & Benefits :

•  High flow rate
•  High dirt holding capacity
•  Greater chlorine removal efficiency
•  Good Oil adsorption medium

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