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Dust Collection Conventional Bags

Filter bags are manufactured for optimum filtration performance. They are made from carefully selected media developed specifications the process industry. Various types of media are used such as needle felt, monofilament and multi-filament. They are effective in reducing dust emission level as per requirement of industries. These bags are placed in dust collector with supporting filter cages. Contaminated air takes path of outside to inside filtration. All solid contaminants get deposited at outer surface & clean air / gas passes through top chamber. Particles retained at outer surface of media get collected at bottom of dust collector with help of shaking mechanism or reverse pulse jetting mechanism.

Features & Benefits :

•  High efficient filtration level
•  Depth type filtration
•  Wide range of chemically compatible media
•  High temperature resistance
•  High flow efficiency
•  High air to cloth ratio
•  Various coatings are available

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