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  Filter Cartridge - PES (Poly Ether Sulphone)

PES Filter Cartridges are made of poly etherSulphone with uniform pore distribution to ensure maximum performance in bacterial retentions. It’s upstream & down stream polyester support ensures resistance to pressure shocks. Polyethersulphone membrane is hydrophilic in nature, it allows easy integrity testing for all applications where daily controls are required. The membrane possesses broad chemical compatibilities & contains no surfactants. PES Cartridges are produced in controlled environments & under stringent production conditions that ensure filter quality & cleaniness.Their assembly is performed integrally by thermowelding.This processes minimizes the presence of oxidization of substance & yield a durable filter cartridges suitable for extended use. This can be sanitizes by chemical agents or by inline steaming. PES and polypropylene the unique two materials used in cartridge manufacturing are chemically inert not shedding and biologically safe according to F.D.A., USP and EEC requirements for pharmaceutical and food contact use. The filtration area of each cartridge is as high as 0.56 m2. Therefore it offers high flow rate, low pressure drop & long service life.

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