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Filter Cartridge Oil Adsorbing

Oil adsorption filter cartridges have been specifically developed and manufactured for the high efficiency removal of dissolved & dispersed oils from water within the gas & oil production industries, marine bilge and ballast water treatment systems, contaminated surface water run off & other industrial process industries. Filter media of this cartridge is material containing modified cellulose. This filter media will remove upto 95 % of total hydrocarbons from water in a single pass. Dissolved oil, emulsions & dispersed droplets are adsorbed and retained from water by filter media.

Features & Benefits :

• Instantaneous adsorption. Better than activated carbon.
• High flow rates
• Removes dissolved and dispersed oils.
• High efficiency removal of oils
• Low pressure drop
• Media can hold 300 % of its own weight
• No release of removed hydrocarbon
• Typically, over 90% of total hydrocarbons are removed in a single    pass through the  cartridge with no release once adsorbed.

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