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Moulded Filter Housings

•  Polypropylene Standard Moulded Housings
•  Polypropylene Jumbo Moulded Housings
•  Transparent Moulded Housings
•  Transparent Jumbo Moulded Housings

Polypropylene Standard Moulded Housings

Standard housings are manufactured of virgin polypropylene. Leak proof sealing accomplished by cap impression against top seated O ring in sump. The square thread closure allows for years of cartridges change out without failure. Thick walls and multiple ribs make these housings ideal for industrial applications. The clean look (FDA Grade plastics) and light weight also makes them preferred in residential and commercial uses. Their polypropylene construction has excellent chemical resistance for use of most acids, alcohols, ammonia, oils, plating solutions, beverages & water

Features & Benefits

•  All Polypropylene Construction
•  Optional Pressure relief button
•  Mounting Bracket cap with four screw bosses for rigid mounting     installations
•  Optional Viton & Silicone O rings for Chemical Compatibility

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