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  PTFE Filter Cartridge

PTFE Filter Cartridges are made of poly tetrafluroethylene. PTFE are characterized by high chemical inertness. These are specifically designed for sterile filtration applications of air & gas Streams. They are certified bio safe, non pyrogenic & fully validated to pharmaceutical standard. PTFE and polypropylene the unique two materials used in cartridge manufacturing are chemically inert not shedding and biologically safe according to F.D.A., USP and EEC requirements for pharmaceutical and food contact use. PTFE cartridge membrane is used in filtering. The highly corrosive solutions such as strong such as strong acids, bases solution and solvents. The membrane has about 80 – 95 % porosity & uniform pore size distribution. Moreover, the filtration area of each cartridge is as high as 0.7 m2. Therefore it offers high flow rate, low pressure drop & long service life. These can be steam sterilize direct or reverse as per standard operating data.

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