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Pleated Dust Collection Bag

Pleated dust collection bags are now widely used in the field of dust collection system. These are made of 100 % polyester media with different coatings on it, as per requirement of applications. This spun bonded media are pleated in different pleated depths & height to accommodated desired filtration area. Spun bonded filter media offers surface filtration & due to surface filtration pleated bags offers very high throughputs & lower pressure drop across the filter compare to any convention tube type filter bags. Pleated configuration offers almost 3–4 time, high filtration area compared to convention bags.

Construction :

Pleated spun bonded filter media placed in a cylindrical configuration with support of GI/stainless steel support & encapsulated with EPDM or metal end caps to form a pleated dust collection bags.

Longitudinal joints of pleated bas are ultrasonically fused for leak proof & very stable design. The end caps are configured to mount as clean side or dirt side fitment. In case of metal caps these bags are supported with soft sponge rubber sealing to ensure positive sealing of filter while fitment.

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