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Polypropylene Fabricated Filter Housing

Metal filter housings are not chemically compatible for certain applications in process industries. For such applications Filter Concept, Introduce polypropylene fabricated cartridge filter systems. Normally polypropylene offers a wide chemical compatibility. Polypropylene filter housings made of seamless body to offer robust design & high pressure withstands capacity.

Polypropylene Filter Housings are classified in
•  Polypropylene Cartridge Filter Housings
•  Polypropylene Bag Filter Housings
•  Polypropylene Basket Filters

Duplex Model For Continuous Flow

In many applications, it is not possible to shut the process line down for maintenance. For such applications a duplex model is essential. Here, two filter housings are linked with special polypropylene valves that divert the flow from one housing to other without having shut down to system. Just a quarter turn of a handle diverts flow from one housing to other – making it possible to service the housing while the flow continue through the other housing.

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