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Self Cleaning Filter

•  Back – Washing Filter
•  Automatic metal-edge filter
•  Disc Type Automatic Cleaning Filter

Back – Washing Filter

Functions & Applications :
Filtration equipment mainly used in water purification, especially in higher quality of micro-filtration field. The main feature of the filtration equipment is to wipe off sand, clay, rust, suspended solids, algae, biological fouling, corrosion product, the macromolecule bacteria, organic matter and other small particles, oil etc., and achieve the water purification.

Technique & Features :

> High filtrating accuracy, stable water quality and supply.
> With its own search and emergency operation function, making automatic back-washing, and can cope with volatile fluctuations without people’s operation.
> Filtration equipment control system is responsive and have a precise operation, can adjust back-washing pressure setting according to different sources and filter accuracy in a flexible way.
> High efficiency and completely cleaning, and the system has a strong recovery, the cartridge can be used permanently without replacement.
>During the back-washing, each cartridge operating in turn, to make sure cartridge completely clean, and meanwhile the other cartridges not being affected and keeping on filtration.

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