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N.H. Square Fuse & Base & Round Barrels

Avail from us wide range of N H square fuse bodies and round barrels (tubes). These are manufactured using high grade raw material such as Cordierite Porcelain C-410 and Steatite Grade L-5 C-221. Manufacturing these using such materials gives our fuse body with very good mechanical strength, high volume resistance up to 1000 degree centigrade, and good dielectric strength, high resistance to thermal shock, very low linear expansion. Round Barrels (Tubes) are made from 10 mm dia to 65 mm dia. Tubes are outside ground and both ends chamferred.

We offer following types of square fuse bodies:

NH 000

* NH 00-2 * NH 00-3  * NH 00-4 * NH 0  * NH 01 / 02 / 03

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