Radhika Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Radhika Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to introduce itself as one of the leading manufacturers & marketers of Engineering Spares for various machineries such as Air/Gas Compressors, D.G. Sets, Gas Turbines, Textile Winders etc. and Other Developmental work as per the requirements of their customers.

Radhika Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has its manufacturing & administrative facilities based at Ahmedabad, and is managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and administrative personnel.

The main strength of the Company is the ability to Design & Develop critical engineering spares, working out the exact material of construction along with the necessary processes required to be carried out, so as to produce durable & quality spares. The company employs stringent test procedures to assess and adhere, to all the critical mechanical parameters of the manufactured spares.

Along with its manufacturing activities, Radhika Technologies Pvt. Ltd., also markets various Quality Maintenance Products, required by all the major quality conscious manufacturing units in the industry.

During the tenure of the past 15 years of its operations, Radhika Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has served many a satisfied customers in almost all the types of industries such as, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Cements, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals,  etc.

Radhika Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been a one stop problem solver for all the needs of Spares & Maintenance products for its many a valued clients.







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