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About Us

We, at Filter Systems Technology, have been working towards averting the existence of redundant and superfluous materials, particularly which are infectious in nature and can render air, gas, and liquid pollution. Our company is one of the largest entities dealing in most diverse filtration, separation ,and purification systems in the world. We have been enabled by our technical expertise, product portfolio, and global reach in our consistent efforts to leverage opportunities across industries and geographical boundaries.

Our company is an eminent manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of filtering equipments such as Cartridge Filter System, Bag Filter System, Basket Filter & Strainers, Moulded Filter Housings, Filter Cartridges, Filter Bags, Pleated Air Filter, Hydraulic Filter, Lube Oil Filter, Compressed Air Filter, etc. Our filtering equipments are customized for each customer according to the strict standards specified and are of excellent quality.

We make use of a variety of filter media that can tolerate harsh temperature conditions, while being hydrophobic, durable and effective even if used repeatedly. The management works in close coordination with the clients to evaluate their needs and select the most cost-effective filter media for the job.

We possess a complete lab facility with wide ranging tools for the analysis and testing of product samples. Our experts can simulate field conditions to determine filter performance in actual conditions. Owing to our continuous efforts towards pollution control, we have received great laurels from numerous clients all over the world.
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