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Over Head Door
Dock Shelters
Lift Table


Rolling Sutters
Boom Barrier

Over Sectional Door
The installation not within doorways allows to take full advantage of the doorway space. The side vertical sliding tracks allow the door to slide upwards along the walls and position parallel to the ceiling.
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Dock Shelters -Retractalbe
The retractable PVC front panels dock shelter is the most popular and used. The front panels are made of high resistance black PVC reinforced with double weaving of polyester.

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Lift Table
Aluminum safety bar. Stopping descent of the platform on contact with obstructions.
Safety check valve to stop the lift table lowering in the unlikely event of a hose break.
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Swing Gate
-Wide range of models for gate span from 3m to 10m.
-Models available with frequent, heavy and intensive duty rating.
-Electromechanical actuators ensure highly maintenance free and silent operation. Built-in anti -crushing safety.
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Rolling Shutters
Wide range of models of motors for rolling shutters weighing from 150 kg to 2000 kg from Italian leader.  GAPOSA.
Can be installed on both new and existing shutters.

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Boom Barrier
Wide range of models to suit various applications like car parking sites, condominiums, toll collection and industrial entrance.
Available for boom length upto 8.4m. Opening up to 16.8m can be covered with two barriers operating as master and slave.
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