HYDRAULIC TEST UNIT (HTU-150) The “HTU-150” series units are a range of portable hydro-static
pressure testers capable of developing fluid pressures upto 15,000 psi.
Compact and light-weight they are one-man portable units. The
standard configuration includes the following major components:

Haskel air driven liquid pump with all Stainless Steel fluid end and
with exhaust muffler fitted (1.5 HP, 2.0 HP).

Drive air filter, pressure control regulator, drive air pressure gauge
(2” dia.), “On/Off” cycling speed control valve.

4” dia. +1% F.S. all S/S liquid filled outlet test pressure gauge.

Manual pressure release valve.

Suction strainer w. external fluid supply line isolation valve.

Fluid outlet connection.

Tubular roll bar frame (powder coated or SS-316 options).

VALVE TEST EQUIPMENT Stephen Balaram Engineering Pvt Ltd. manufacture Valve Test Equipment for pressure
testing all types of Process Control and Safety Relief Valves to conform to all industry
recognized standards using Haskel pumps & other accessories.

Tests include :

Shell Test
'Pop' Test
Back Seat Test
High Pressure Closure Test
Low Pressure Closure Test
Relief Valve Test

Test Equipment can be supplied with a range of clamp fixtures :

Hydraulic Clamping
Automatic PLC Proportional Control Hydraulic Clamping

Other Features :

Hydrostatic, Air and/or Gas Pressure Generation
Sizes up to 20", class 1500

Flushing And Pressure Test Rig J24372 The Haskel flushing and pressure test system is housed in a free standing painted
steel enclosure with removable panels for maintenance access. Contained
within the enclosure is the equipment for performing flushing and pressure testing of
components under manual control. These components will be flushed and pressure
tested external to the rig.
The system is designed to operate with Transaqua HT hydraulic fluid.

The system includes:

Low/high flow, high pressure, flushing circuit. This uses a Dynex Model PF-4310 electric driven flushing pump complete with 30Kw motor to deliver 19 litres/min at 5,000 psi and a maximum pressure 10,000 psig. The pump is supplied from the main reservoir via a filter and isolation valve. On the outlet there is a pressure gauge, pressure switch, and relief valve protecting the line. The fluid then passes through a pressure filter. A bypass valve and two outlet isolation valves are fitted prior to the two flushing outlets.

Hippo Hose Pressure Test Rig INTRODUCTION The Haskel Hippo Hose Test Rig is a self contained
air driven test system. Initially designed for testing hydraulic hoses it also is ideal for
testing a range of components from pipe assemblies flow meters. Each unit is supplied
complete with air driven pressure generation and control circuit and a robust test chamber
with interlocked test well door.

• Test pressure range up to 2,000 bar.
• Flow-rate up to 5 litres/min.
• Test fluids hydraulic oil, inhibited water or plain tap water. Special fluids can be catered for such as Skydrol.
• Manifold connections 1/2” BSP female.
• Standard dimensions 160 cm x 60 cm x 130 cm high. Special sizes on request.
• Test well 120 cm x 60 cm x 70 cm high.
• Approx. gross weight 200 KGs.
• Air drive required 0.75 Nm3/min at 6 bar.
• Electrics 240 volts 50 Hz single phase.
• Colour - Base Signal Blue RAL5005. Test well console Pearl White RAL1013 or from stainless steel.


Totally pneumatic rig with single outlet port. Totally pneumatic rig with fixed and sliding 3 port manifolds.
PLC/ Pneumatically controlled rig with fixed and sliding manifolds.
Various outlet pressure ranges.
Interior light.

Gas Container Testing Haskel Gas Container Test Rigs can be supplied to test single or multiple containers simultaneously to pressures up to 1,000 bar (15,000 psi). They are able to hold this pressure without consuming power while the necessary measurements are being carried out.
They can be supplied to meet standards such as DoT, BS, ISO and CGA depending on the customer requirements and the fields they

will be operated in. Typical options and features are as follows:

• Typical test range of 2000 - 10000 psi
• Air operated test pump
• Automatic volumetric measuring device - burettes
• Automatic weighing measuring device - scales
• Accepts cylinders up to 12” diameter and 60” height (we can build exceptions which are much larger for submarine use etc)
• Calibrated pressure gauge - Class 3A, 1/4% accuracy - 8.5” diameter
• Pressure pulsation dampener
• Calibrated cylinder for full test range
• Expansion chart and adapter included
• Four manifolded, valved burette tubes (0-25cc, 0-50cc, 0- 125cc, 0-360cc)
• Zero reference point marker
• Safety Relief
• Test methods either:
- With or without water jacket
- Volumetric or weight measurements of expansion Description

Haskel manufacture gas testing equipment for many different types of cylinders. These include the following:

• Pneumatic reservoirs in trucks for air brakes
• Medical and industrial gas cylinders
• Breathing gases in diving and aircraft including Oxygen & Heliox
• Fuels for internal combustion (CNG) engines
• Heating equipment and cooking such as LP gas,
• Oxy-fuel welding and cutting
• Fire extinguisher cylinders
• Refrigerant cylinders
• Air Bag inflator
• CO2 Cylinders for soft drinks, beers etc

Cylinder Applications

Water Jacket/Non-Water Jacket Volumetric Testing Both methods of test comprise of the following key items:

• A Haskel air driven liquid pump to generate the required test pressures. There is a wide range of pump models available to meet any pressure, flow and fluid test requirement.
• Glass burette tubes graduated and of sufficient uniform diameter and length to contain the full volumetric expansion of the gas container. Multiple burettes can be provided to cater for testing a wide range of container sizes.
• A calibrated pressure gauge to comply with the British Standards and fitted with a test point
• Container handling equipment which allows rotation from filling and test station to emptying of emptying of tested container
• All necessary pipework, valves (including relief valves) and fittings tested to twice the maximum test pressure of any container that may be tested
• A control panel which includes air pressure regulator which includes air pressure regulator, air pressure gauge, on/off speed control valve, isolation valves, a pressure release and return to tank bleed valve, burette measuring tubes and hydraulic pressure gauge
• All housed in a fabricated steel frame for wall mounting, bench mounting or free standing depending upon size of system and customer requirements
• A fluid reservoir with suction strainer, filler cap/ breather and sight glass
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