FAD 200/2 Double stage blower where high vacuum or Pressure is Required
SCB7/5 Single stage blower where high volumme of air is Required
FAD 200/4
Four stage blower high vacumm or air is Required
FAD 100/1-A
When volume ahed pressure Required at same operation
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We Spaciliaze In Manufacturing of Turbine Blowers, Exhausters ,Regenerative Blowers,Side Channel Blowers , Side Channel Blowers And Vortex Blowers.Our Product are Widely Approved And Accepted For Applications In Industries Such as Pneumatic Coneyors, Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, Dust Collecting Systems,Confectionery Machines,Cable Making Machinery, Printing Machinery , Pharmaceuticals Machinery , Plastics Machinery ,Packaging Machinery , Electroplating & P.C.B Mfg. Drying Process.

Our Company Philosophy is Based On" Providing Solutions Which Are Reliable and Consistent at Most Economical Cost."