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Poggen-Amp is the one of India's leading manufacturers of laminations for motors and transformers. The name of the company has been derived from two renowned physicist Poddendorff of Germany and Andre Ampere of France. Established in 1982, the company has consistently met the stringent requirements of its clients of its clients by comprehensive up-gradation of capabilities. The company has state-of-the-art infrastructure in Gujarat, India at Ahmedabad and Kheda. All facilities under one roof ensure the best products to reach the customers. On the environment front, Poogen-Amp employs eco-friendly practices. Beautiful landscaping has been done around the Kheda unit. Founded by the family of entrepreneurs, Nagarsheth's and Doshi's, the company is run by the first and second generation members.

The word POGGEN - AMP has been derived from the names of two reputed scientists. POGGENDORFF (POGGEN) a German Physicist and ANDRE AMPERE (AMP) the renowned French Physicist. This formed the base of the name, POGGEN - AMP NAGARSHETH POWERTRONICS PRIVATE LIMITED.

POGGEN - AMP NAGARSHETH, a partnership firm was established in 1982 by a team of first generation entrepreneurs. The beginning was on a very modest footing and blessed by the sheer dedication and hard work, the unit progressed over the years and the partnership firm, on May 14, 1992 was incorporated as POGGEN - AMP NAGARSHETH POWERTRONICS LIMITED, a joint stock company closely held by families, Nagarsheth & Doshi.