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Investment Casting has come a long way, so that in 2001 and beyond, we are looking at new alloys, closer tolerances and a finer finish. Shree Matangi Investment Casting Pvt. Ltd. is continually accomplishing these by aiming at higher product standards.


The Company’s inner core is formed by the steering engineers with a track record of over two decades in the field of investment casting. With a Factory area of 12000 sq. ft. at Moraiya near Ahmedabad, India, the Company’s strengths evolve from a deep obsession with quality, and a dogged determination to achieve customer satisfaction.

Customized casting form the mainstay of our business, with sophisticated industrial design and complex engineering model becoming the driving force of our company. Attention to detail and complexities of the job underscore strongly our cohesive link with our clients’ needs.


The Company deploys the latest machines and their continual improvements in quality for producing patterns from complex toolings in an unbelievable range of configurations.

Today our thoroughness in employing the lost wax process for intricate designs has become legend. We manufacture prototype casting from rubber molds, machined waxes and epoxy tooling made from a master. Generally, we can pour almost any alloy into the mould for any complex construction of casting.

From the moment you become our client you notch top on our list of priorities. If you have something you need fast, and you have a sketch, drawing, CAD file or sample (with our prior consent)... send it to us. We'll give you a quotation and have the metal parts in your hands faster than we can deliver! In other words, we are not only sticklers for on-time deliveries but also bench a 24-hour lead time in giving a quotation.


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